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Armin van Buuren about Ben Liebrand

Buma Golden Harp Award, March 2020 (picture by Jorn Baars)

Lifetime Achievement Award! Oct. 2017

All pictures below are taken during Ben's DJ sets

Let's Dance, Ziggodome, Amsterdam 2016 & 2017

Holland Heineken House, Summer Olympics, London, 2012


Ben Liebrand is considered to be one of the European pioneers in mixing of dance music. His early mixes inspired an entire generation of DJ's. Armin van Buuren, Olaf Basoski, Ferry Corsten, DJ Dano and Tiësto mention Ben Liebrand as their main inspiration to become a DJ.

The Golden Harp, received at the Buma Awards in 2020, acknowledges Ben's contribution and influence on the Dutch Music industry. It was presented to Ben by Armin van Buuren, who stated on many occasion seeing Ben as his Jedi-DJ. Armin dedicated his first no. 1 DJ award to Ben in 2007.

Ben himself was greatly influenced by producers and artists like Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Gino Soccio, Mauro Malavasi, Trevor Horn and Nile Rodgers

Live DJ, from Classics to House, to the latest in Dance.

Ben spins on no less than 4 decks, blending multiple songs live, to perfection.

Ben has found the perfect balance of performing at a high technical level whilst holding the attention of all those who simply came to dance.

Ben has DJ-ed in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Many venues in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Toronto, Calgary and all important venues in The Netherlands as main act on main stage. He also played the closing night in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics as well as several DJ sets at the Summer Olympics in London.

Several clips of Ben's live performances can be found on You-Tube.
Here is Ben's channel on Vimeo
Ben Liebrand, DJ
Bookings: albert@deboeker.nl, Tel +31207600610

Spinning on no less than 4 decks, Ben performs flawless and enjoys the highest apreciation and respect of audiences, DJ colleagues and business professionals.

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The Royal Dutch Mint issues 1st quality editions of the Dutch Euro Coins
In 2012 such an edition was dedicated to Dutch DJ's featuring Ben Liebrand and Armin van Buuren. The complete edition was sold out at the Berlin Money Fair.
Iconic Groove

Ben has completed his second arist album called "Iconic Groove" An album capturing those bass lines, riffs and rhythms that move the dance floor. An album covering every aspect of your weekend, from getting ready to go out, the trip to the venue in the limo, me trying to get there on time, the people you meet, the artists you see, the moves you make all the way till you see the sunrise after closing time.

'Inspired by all that I love, with Tony Scott, James D'Train Williams, Cerrone and many more. Straight from planet 'Disco' arriving in my 'Lunar Terra Lander'!

Productions & Remixes

Ben has produced many hit remix for these artists:

Salt'N'Pepa - Armin van Buuren - Sting - Phil Collins - Art of Noise - Alexander O'Neal - Hot Chocolate - Phil Collins - Genesis - Forrest - Karl Keaton - Tony Scott - Bill Withers - Dimples D - Fun Fun - The 4 Seasons - The 4 Tops - MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Nathalie Cole - Taja Sevelle - TLC - The Sugarhill Gang - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - Jam & Spoon - The Doobie Brothers - 24-Seven - Grace Jones - Candy Dulfer - Golden Earring - Alf - Take That and more

Radio Shows

Ben Liebrand was the first DJ to have a non-stop mixed radio show on Dutch National Radio in 1983, called In The Mix. This show still runs each Saturday on Radio 10.
The Minimix, a short mix that has yielded remix hits for Sting, Phil Collins and Bill Withers, runs during the Gerard Ekdom morning show each Friday. In The House is another show, exploring the latest House and featuring many mashups, running since 2019

These radio shows are syndicated to FM stations internationally.
Sales and Achievement Awards

Dance classics mix

Grandmixes & Mega Mixes

Ben Liebrand is considered to be the very best in megamixes, earning him the name "Master Mixer". A name given to him by colleagues and business professionals.
His Grandmixes are regarded as the absolute benchmark in mixing.
So many years down the line, the Grandmixes are still charting at solid #1 positions in iTunes as well as the regular sales charts.


A selection of Ben's Mash-ups can be enjoyed on his You-Tube Channel or on SoundCloud
Here is Ben's channel on Vimeo


As of 2010, Ben Liebrand lives in Canada and now is also available for bookings in North America and beyond.

Contact Info

Please mail for phone numbers, or contact by email directly:


Classics Compilations

House Compilations

Photo: Krijn van Noordwijk

Holland Heineken House, Summer Olympics, London, 2012

Eve, Tilburg

Masterclass at Pioneer

Spinning with 4 DVJ's at Disco Theatre