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The Royal Dutch Mint issues 1st quality editions of the Dutch Euro Coins
In 2012 such an edition was dedicated to Dutch DJ's featuring Ben Liebrand and Armin van Buuren. The complete edition of 500 copies was sold out at the Berlin Money Fair.

The text is in German (as it was intended for the Berlin Money Fair) and reads:
Dutch DJ's is the name of the second theme in the 5 part series of "Typical Dutch".
Dutch DJ's are not only the DJ's born in The Netherlands, they represent the Phenomena.
Dutch DJ's have become an internationally recognized concept and dozens of Dutch DJ's with as many styles are welcome participants at International Dance Events.

One of the first DJ's who made the media in Ben Liebrand (Nijmegen 1960). He made is Radio Debut in 1983 with In The Mix, the first radio program in The Netherlands that played nonstop mixed dance music. Since the 90's (actually since 1982) Liebrand remixes for many artists and releases his own CDs.
His annual Grandmix, containing an overview of all the dance of the year, has become a tradition.
Since 2010 Ben and his family lives in Canada.

One of Ben's listeners is Armin van Buuren (Leiden 1973) - A listener right from the very start.
He sent his idol a demo version (Blue Fear). Liebrand was thrilled right away and with that van Buurens impressive career was on it's way as a DJ and as producer of dance music.
Since 2001 he produces and presents is Radio Show A State Of Trance which is broadcasted all over the world. Van Buuren was elected Best DJ In The World 4 times in a row since 2007. Extraordinary!

The Royal Dutch Mint also was so kind to make this series of silver stamps, based on the artwork created for the Grandmix series.