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Studio 4 (Canada) 2012-Now

Equipment List

Recording and mastering:

Ensemble by Apogee / Mac Pro
Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2
Alesis Masterlink
3 x Sony PCM F2 Digital Audio Recorder on betamax
2 x Tascam DA30 DAT recorder
Pioneer D-9601 DAT recorder
2 x Akai DR1200 digital multitrack recorder
2 x Akai DD1000 digital optical disk recorder
Studer A80 Analog 2track recorder
Teac A3440 4 track tape recorder
Revox PR99 2 track recorder

Effect processors:

2x TC2290 stereo sampler delay 32sec at 1MHz sample rate Ada analog delay
Lexicon PCM70 reverb
Lexicon LXP1 reverb
Lexicon LXP5 effects processor
2 x Yamaha Rev 7 Reverb
Teac 4 channel parametric EQ
Yamaha SPX90II Reverb
Yamaha SPX1000 reverb
2 x Urei L1178 compressor/limiter
DBX custom compressor limiter
Sennheiser Vocoder
3 x LA audio 16-channel noise gate
Eventide Instant Flanger

Sound Generators:

Yamaha TX802 Sound Module
Roland D550 Sound Module
Korg M1Rx Sound Module
Roland JD800 keyboard
Roland JD990 Sound Module
Minimoog Synthesizer
Roland SH2 synthesizer
2 x Roland SH101 synthesizer


2 x Akai S3000 Sampler


Ableton Live
Logic Pro X on Mac
Akai MPC60 Drumcomputer/sequencer
Roland MC505 sequencer


3 x Mac Pro
Mac G5
Macbook Pro
Silicon Graphics O2


2 x Technics SL1200 Turntables
3 x Pioneer CDJ1000
2 x Pioneer DVJ1000
Akai CS-34D (everything started with this)

2 x Qirra Sound Thor
4 x Ror Speakers
4 x Tannoy Eclipse speakers
2 x Monitor Technology MT1 speakers
2 x Kef Cantor III
Wide selection of early 80's Speakers (Sony, Technics, B&W, Pioneer)

Additional Gear:

Roland SBX80 synchroniser
Roland Midi Display
2 x Quad 405 Main Amplifier
Studer double turntable pre-amp
Roland MPU101 midi to CV converter
RTW 1206 Peak meter