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Studio in 2005

equipment list

Mixer: Soundcraft 6000 mixing desk 43+24 channels

Recording and mastering:

Mac G5
Mac G4
Alesis Masterlink
Sony PCM F2 Digital Audio Recorder on betamax
2 x Tascam DA30 DAT recorder
2 x Akai DR1200 digital multitrack recorder
2 x Akai DD1000 digital optical disk recorder
Aiwa Portable DAT recorder
Studer A80 Analog 2track recorder
Teac A3440 4 track tape recorder
Logic Audio on Mac

Clover systems QA-101

Effect processors:

Ada digital delay
Lexicon PCM70 reverb
Lexicon LXP1 reverb
Lexicon LXP5 effects processor
2 x Yamaha Rev 7 Reverb
Teac 4 channel parametric EQ
Yamaha SPX90II Reverb
Yamaha SPX1000 reverb
2 x Urei L1178 compressor/limiter
DBX custom compressor limiter
Sennheiser Vocoder
3 x LA audio 16-channel noise gate
Eventide Instant Flanger

Sound Generators:

Yamaha TX802 Sound Module
Yamaha FS1R Sound Module
Roland D550 Sound Module
Korg M1Rx Sound Module
Roland JD800 keyboard
Roland JD990 Sound Module
Minimoog Synthesizer
Roland SH2 synthesizer
Roland P330 synthesizer
2 x Roland SH101 synthesizer
Waldorf Micowave
Access Virus B


2 x Akai S3000 Sampler
2x TC2290 stereo sampler delay 32sec at 1MHz sample rate


Ableton Live! on Mac
Logic Audio on Mac
Akai MPC60 Drumcomputer/sequencer
Roland MC505 sequencer


2 x Technics SL1200 Turntables
3 x Pioneer CDJ 1000
1 x Clover systems QA-101 CD media tester

4 x Ror Speakers
4 x Tannoy Eclipse speakers
2 x Monitor Technology MT1 speakers

Additional Gear:

Roland SBX80 synchroniser
Roland Midi Display
6 x 96 Switchcraft patchbay
Denon Amplifier
2 x Quad 405 Main Amplifier
1 x Quad 303 Monitor Amplifier
Studer double turntable pre-amp
Roland MPU101 midi to CV converter
RTW 1206 Peak meter