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Sending Files....
Masters for Grand 12 Inches
Image and Video files etc.
Ah!, you have that rare 12" version in master quality? Please do send it !

Masters for Grand 12 Inches should be uncompressed .wav or .aiff files
The source should be CD or actual master tapes, production copies etc.

MP3 files or anything that has been an MP3 previously are of no use.

Vinyl transfers are not usable either. I know, sometimes they can really sound "great", but they really, really fall short compared to that actual master.

If image or video files are too large to send by e-mail, here is the option to send them by wetransfer.

If you decide to send files whilst you know I don't want or need them, you can depend on me not to view or open them.
To send Masters for Grand 12 Inches, please use this button:
To send images or video files , please use this button: