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PIONEER CDJ1000 and CDJ1000MK2

In use by Ben Liebrand since 2001, Ben spins 4 CDJ1000's simultaneously during his live sets

Extra's Cool stuff for your CDJ1000's
Software CDJ1000 mulitimediacard merger
- Merges all CD data of any number of mulitimediacards into one.
- The merged data can then be copied back onto any number of mulitimediacards
- The merged file can be back-uped to Harddisk for safety
- Works with the CDJ1000 as well as the CDJ1000MKII

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Hardware Travel in Style!

This case is dust and waterproof and holds up to 4 CDJ1000's, (or less + CD's)
It has wheels and a retractable carrying handle

In Black
- In Orange
- In Army Green
- Weight 9 Kg (19 Lbs)
- Holds up to 4 CDJ1000's
- Foam is pre-perforated for easy fitting
- Special locks available

- This version Euro 339.-
- Special Padlocks Euro 10.- each

Close-up view

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In Action

LIEBRAND AUDIO is based in the Netherlands.
Contact us:ben@liebrand.com