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In the 90's there was no substitute for Silicon Graphics when it came to brute
processing and graphics power. Every self respecting 3D or visuals company
used these coveted machines of power for 3D and High-end video compositing
At the time we were fortunate enough to be selected as resellers and thus became
part of this legendary brand and the imaginative people that made them, sold them
and used them. Many breathtaking designs crossed our path and it was great to be
part of the actual cutting edge of visual computing.

At the peak of SGI usage, the machines here included
2 x SGI Indigo2 Etreme
2 x SGI Octane dual processor
2 x SGI Origin 200 dual processor
2 x SGI o2
1 x SGI Origin 2000 16 processor

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Contact us: liebrand@euronet.nl

LIEBRAND IMAGES is based in the Netherlands.