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As seen below, I'll also try to include the source of the master, or at least give an indication of the master quality.
I'l be adding info over the next couple of weeks, but as it takes a lot of time to do so, it will have to be done whenever time permits.
CD 1

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Extended) 6:31
Master Reference Quality
Taken from the CD Leave me Alone, this is an official extended version with 3 extra sections in it, making it 30 seconds longer than the original album version. Also, as it was made in a time before cranking levels to oblivian, it sounds absolutely great.

Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel (12" Version) 6:32
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library, featuring the original 12" version. I wish EMI had provided me with this full length version back in the 80's when I did my remix, as this version includes the clean drum intro which I never had to work with.

Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots (12" Version) 5:26
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library, featuring the original 12" version

Gary's Gang - Showtime (12" Version) 5:17
Master Reference Quality
Taken from the vaults of Sony USA, straight from the original production master, finally the full lenght 12" version. It doesn't get any beter than this.
Carrie Lucas - Dance With You (12" Version) 6:37
Master Quality
This track takes me back to the first super disco I played in. Laser pumping, neon's flashing and the reflection of the mirrorballs gliding over the solid wood dance floor. Those were the days
T-connection - Do What You Wanna Do (Disco Version) 7:12
Master Quality
Taken from my personal Sony F1 library, this is a transfer from an original production master used in the early 80's.Just listen to that synth-solo, and hear the funk oozing out of your speakers.
Evelyn "Champagne" King - I'm In Love (12" Version) 5:55
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library
A warm funky track zapping me back to the best of times. Cartouch Utrecht, having a Satay.
Imagination - Just an Illusion (12" Version) 6:27
Master Quality
Taken from the library of the licensing record company. Imagination at the peak of their fame with their trademark bassline. It appears they used the TB303 for that, go figure! Probably one of the few bands ever that used the TB303 in this way.
Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly (12" Promo Version) 7:46
Decent Quality (Say What!)
Taken from the library of the licensing record company and I must say, not the best master in my opinion. But !! Meanwhile I have found a better version offered to me by a collector in France and I hope to provide it to you on the next edition as a bonus.
Tulio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon (12" Version) 7:10
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library
No idea what this track is about, but definitely loved this odd drum groove from the very first time.
CD 2

S'express - Theme From S'express (Platform 1 Mix) 6:02
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library this track brings you back to the days of samplin, sampling and even a bit more sampling. Overall quality is therefore determined by the source Mark Moore took his samples from. S'Express as a group lasted only a couple of years but lead singer Sonique had another hit with "It Feels So Good"

The Quick - Zulu (U.s. 12" Version) 7:52
Master Quality
It took ages to get this one and here is how this master came to be. I found an excellent sounding 7" edit and we managed to find an original 30 IPS production master of the 12inch mix, which needed to be baked before playback and after all was baked and transferred, it lacked the punch the 7" had. This was a result of the Ampex tape which was used and history has learned that Ampex doesn't preserve as well as BASF911.
So, this 12"version is recreated mostly from sections from the great sounding 7" and a few restored to match parts from the tape transfer. The result is matched in sequence to the original 12" vinyl, to make sure that all you except to be there, is there.
Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) (Maxi-single) 5:40
Master Quality
Taken from the library of Island records.
I believe we got a rare one here as I haven't seen this one on CD yet. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, and whilst you're at it send me additional masters you might have.Anyway, from one of Grace's best albums "Island Life"
Drum Theatre - Eldorado (Dance Mix) 6:28
Master Quality
Taken from the library Sony/CBS.
One of the pop tracks that caught my attention due to the fantastic drum sounds. My remix appears on "Liebrand 12 Inches", but this is the original one. A few edits have been smoothed over with just the slightest bit of reverb

Herbie Hancock - You Bet Your Love (U.s. 12" Version) 8:11
Master Quality
Taken from the library Sony/CBS
It was probably that vocoder which captured my attention first and years later I learned that it was in fact the same one I used for the Grandmixes, The Sennheiser Vocoder.
Also the flanging High hats where ahead of their time.
Baby 'O - In the Forest (Extended 12" Version) 6:41
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library and orginating from an early 90's compilation. this is one of the best tracks I found late 70's on Baby records. I played this one so often in the first big big club I DJ-ed in, The Kwien Vlub in Gennep Netherlands. One of the best latin grooves I've ever heard. Listen to that percussion!
Krystol - After the Dance Is Through (Vocal 12" Version) 5:16
Master Quality
Taken from the library Sony/CBS
A favorite of Hemmy, my partner in crime compiling this series. I actually didn't know this one before Hemmy pointed it out to me, so not much background info here, but a big thank you to Hemmy for sticking with me on my quest.

Candido - Jingo (Original David Rodrigez 12"Mix) 9:53
Master Quality
Taken from my personal library this is the best of the 7 versions I had. It still needed some repair, bassdrums where repaired/replaced and some hideous edits in the original are now fixed so they don't annoy the hell out of me anymore.
O.r.s. (Orlando Riva Sound) - Moonboots (U.s. Special 12" Disco Mix) 9:34
Master Quality
Taken from the library of the licensing record company.
US Special 12" Disco Version on Salsoul Records. How Funky and American ca you get? Turns out they are a German Disco Project formed in 1977 !
Good Stuff nevertheless.
Dan Hartman - Instant Replay (U.s. Tom Moulton 12" Version) 8:15
Master Quality
Taken from the library Sony/CBS
It's 1978 and Dan Hartman starts his journey on the dancefloors of the world and it's an instant success with Instant Replay. A more than energetic disco release mixed by Tom Moulton, one of my favorite mixers/remixers of that time responsible for more hits than you might think or remember.
CD 3

The Jacksons - Heartbreak Hotel (Full Length Version) 5:44

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (Full Length 12" Mix) 7:58

Midnight Star - Operator (Vocal Lp Version) 7:43

Thelma Houston - You Used To Hold Me So Tight (12" Version) 5:43

Shakatak - Mr Manic And Sister Cool (Cool 12" Mix) 6:13

T-connection - Saturday Night (T.k. 12" Version) 6:53

Nathalie Cole - This Will Be (Ben Liebrand Original Multi Track Mix) 5:20

Leon Haywood - Don't Push It,Don't Force It (12" Version) 5:26

Jackie Moore - This Time Baby (Special Disco Version) 7:00

Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess (Full Length Album Version) 8:30

More info is added whenever time permits :) Ben

Earth, Wind & Fire - Let Me Talk (Extended Mix) 6:51

Stone - Time (Vocal 12" Version) 7:27

First Choice - Double Cross (Special 2" Disco Mix) 7:00

Imagination - New Dimension (Electro Mix) 9:26

Black Box - Everybody Everybody (12" Version) 5:23

Space - Carry On, Turn Me On (12" Version) 8:09

Sheila & the Black Devotion - Spacer (Vocal 12" Version) 6:14

Cerrone - I Want Love (Ben Liebrand 12" Remix) 8:03
Instant Funk - I Got My Mind Made Up (Special 12"
Disco Mix 9:47

Edgar Winter - Above And Beyond (12" Instrumental Version) 6:38

More info is added whenever time permits :) Ben