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As from this episode I'll also try to include the source of the master, or at least give an indication of the master quality
CD 1

1 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes (Annihilation) 9:10
Original Master from ZTT Archive
Big, Dark, Mysterious, Symphonic Dance Music like only Frankie can make it. Trevor Horn at the controls bringing this majestic threat of war to life. This is my favorite mix and allthough some other versions are much more rare, they are also simply not available for licensing from ZTT.
2 Grace Jones - I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You) (Ben Liebrand Remix) 6:53
Original Master from Ben's Archive
As featured on the B-Side of the Ben Liebrand Remix of "Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician" I bring you this remix which started life as a minimix for Radio Veronica.
3 Hall & Oates - I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) Extended Version) 6:13
Master Quality
Captivating rhythm box with brilliant production. Now presented with a full 8 bar intro.
4 Wings - Goodnight Tonight (12” Version) 7:18
Vinyl Transfer
A bit of an odd track but a very rare find indeed and very lucky to get a McCartney track licensed. EMI however did not have the analog master.... Taken from one of my early purchased 12" vinyl's.
5 Propaganda - P Machinery (Polish) 9:22
Original Master from ZTT Archive
Another Trevor Horn production featuring a sort of acoustic symphonic grandness like no other. Again presented here in my favorite version and allthough some other versions are much more rare, they are also simply not available for licensing from ZTT.
6 Sparks - Beat the Clock (Extended Version) 6:56
Master Quality
Yes ! got it, One of my all time favorite's combining my love for percussion, electronics and the superb production of Giorgio Moroder. Presented here in an even further extended version with all the last details polished to perfection.
7 Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (Long Version) 7:28
Master Quality
Tom Tom Club presents another crazy tune with equally off the wall production.
8 Flash & the Pan - Midnight Man (Extended Version) 6:59
Master Quality
Mixed by François Kevorkian & Ron St. Germain. Need I say more? Featuring a long percussion build-up to a climactic chorus.
9 Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (Live Version) 5:42
Master Quality
This simply is the best version out there,. You are joined by all the people of the Hammersmith Odeon in 1982 and still we just can't get enough.
10 Art of Noise - Beat Box (Diversion One) 8:33
Original Master from ZTT Archive
A life changing experience this was,
Trevor Horn, Anne Dudley and J.J. Jeczalik combine Production, Sound and truly new vision to working with sound and samples. Jeczalik was a pioneer on the Fairlight sampler. A machine costing as much as a nice cottage and able to record sounds and play them musically on a keyboard. It was an eye-opener for my ears and an inspiration to me.
It opened sampling to a wide audience and it was open-season for every sound on this planet and beyond.

CD 2

1 Earth, Wind & Fire - Serpentine Fire (12” Promo Version) 5:01
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
One of the rare EW & F 12" inches, previously released as a promo. Now in full master quality
2 the Jacksons - Blame It On the Boogie (12” Version) 6:57
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
An all-time classic and truly a Grand 12" capturing all that was funky and disco. If you only know the 7" version, this will blow you away.
3 the Three Degrees - Dirty Ol' Man (12” Version) 8:19
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
A truly suprising version to me as I only knew the radio version. This 12" version was requested by a mixfreak and I was delighted to find that it was available in the Sony archives. More than 8 minutes of Dirty Ol' Man in a truly Grand 12".
4 The Players Association - Turn the Music Up! (12” Version) 6:52
Original Master from Ben's PCM-F1 Archive
I got my hands on this original analogue master back in the early 80's and transferred it to the Sony PCM-F1 Digital Recorder. This is true master quality and probably never sounded better than it sounds here.
5 Deniece Williams - I've Got the Next Dance (Special Disco Version) 6:23
Master Quality
I remember portions of this track in one of the very first bootleg disco mixes. It brings me back to the Kwien club where I was spinning in 1979 and 1980
6 the Whispers - It's a Love Thing (12” Version) 5:10
Master Quality
This track was probably transferred from Ampex tape, where the tape gradually clogs up the playback head and gradually decreases the high-end from beginning to end. Frequency response was checked throughout the mix and the high and loss was compensated with automated EQ settings. It's not one of the longest 12 inches out there, but it's sure a beauty. Specially now with the sound spectrum restored.
7 Poussez! - Come On And Do It (Original 12” Version) 9:53
Original Master from Ben's PCM-F1 Archive
I received the original production master in the early 80's in order to create a remix for High Fashion Music. Before doing anything, I transferred the minty-fresh production copy to the Sony PCM-F1.
More than 25 years later this digital recording sounds as fresh and smooth as ever bringing you this true gem in a sound quality that surpasses the recently re-releasd album by lightyears. Listen to the full dynamic range of this song as it was meant to sound.
8 Kano - I’m Ready (12” Version) 7:16
Original Master from Goody Music Archive
I started of with a 5 minute master, tried to recreate the full version only to find that a true master really still existed. The people at Goody Music really had a perfect master for this rare track which also was sampled in Tag Team's Whoomp "There it is".
9 Philadelphia International Allstars - Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto (12” Version) 8:40
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
A true Soul Classic and when I got the opportunity to have it retreived out of the CBS/Sony Archives, the decision was quickly made to include it.
10 Harlow - Take Off (12” Version) 10:17
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
Actually holding this tape in my hands was a bit of a religious experience. And I didn't let it go before making a 1 on 1 digital transfer. It is one of the finest and best examples of classic disco. IT has everything, the sounds, the strings, the vocals, the percussion, the breaks and a whopping 10:17 to hear it all. The real thing here, true master quality abso-frickin'-lutely.
CD 3

1 Shalamar - My Girl Loves Me (Original 12” Remix) 6:52
Master Quality
In the style of Robert Palmer's "You're in my System" and NV's "It's al right", Shalamar treats us to a funky sequencer driven track with great vocals and atmosphere.
2 Peter Brown - Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me (Full Length Version) 8:46
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
I received this master to make the Discoh 82 compilation in 1982. In a time when most other DJ's couldn't even mix this stuff on vinyl, I decided it would be best for the audio quality to mix it from tape using original analogue production masters. These 1982 Dolby-A masters were played back through 1970 Dolby-A units and sounded like they were recorded yesterday. Time has proven that BASF reel to reel tape rules as only BASF performs without any emulsion or high-end loss so many years later. As for the track, it's a classic and also appears on the album carrying a longer name.
"Do You Wanna Get funky With Me / Burning Love Breakdown". Don't worry, you've got the full thing here, including that brilliant breakdown.

3 Alisha - Baby Talk (Special Remix By Shep Pettibone) 6:46
Master Quality
In the vein of Madonna's Into the groove, with a slightly more High-Energy feel to it Alisha releases this track in 1985 and reaches #1 in the states.
4 Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (Part 1) 7:33
Vinyl Transfer
Famous amongst all turntabelists, this pumpin' funky groove which was responsible for blowing up several club sound systems at the time.
No master to be found and even contacting Mr. Mason himself with an offer for a free mixdown of his multitrack brought nothing. No amount of credentials and testimonials could convince Mr. Mason that it would be in his own interest to have a new set of masters. So I have taken the original Brunswick pressing and the transfer turned out OK all things considered. There is a noise in the original which could have been removed, but altered the overall sound and atmosphere too much.

5 Loleatta Holloway - Crash Goes Love (12” Blaster Mix) 7:26
Master Quality
Everybody in the Netherlands will remember the Orchestral intro stabs as they were used for a music program called Countdown. Produced by Artur Baker of "I.O.U." fame, this track brings Loleatta in the electro section of dance music. Not her most succesfull track and a pilot track for an album that was never completed, this track nevertheless captures the era of electro pretty well. Low end was added with taste as it did need some seasoning in that area.
6 Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Club Mix) 5:12
Master Quality
Always a pleasure to spin this track with it's long and steady intro and breaks. Good dancefloor material.
7 Cuba Gooding - Happiness Is Just Around the Bend (12” Version) 7:02
Master Quality
Cuba Gooding is actually the father of the filmstar with the same (+ Jr.) name. Hapiness was sampled for several late 90's records and presented here is the full length vocal version of his club hit original.
8 Nairobi Ft the Awesome Foursome - Funky Soul Makossa (Rap Version) 7:31
Original Master from Demon Music Archive
Mama Say Mama sa mama makossa! Yeah baby. One of Arthur Baker's best, featuring the Funky Foursome on the mics.
9 Poussez! - Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Original 12” Version) 7:53
Original Master from Ben's PCM-F1 Archive
I received the original production master in the early 80's in order to create a remix for High Fashion Music. Before doing anything, I transferred the minty-fresh production copy to the Sony PCM-F1.
More than 25 years later this digital recording sounds as fresh and smooth as ever bringing you this true gem in a sound quality that surpasses the recently re-releasd album by lightyears. Listen to the full dynamic range of this song as it was meant to sound.
Cheeky Cheeky Ah Ah !

10 Dimples D - Sucker DJ's (I Will Survive) (Original 1983 12” Version) 5:02
Vinyl Transfer
Unfortunately, no master to be found anywhere and believe me, I have stalked people to find out. So, last resort again was vinyl. Lex van Coeverden had a mint original pressing and I went to work on it.
Clicks were removed but more important, also a nasty stereo distortion on practically every bassdrum was removed by magic and trickery. (I could tell you how, but I'd have to killll you). Anyway here it is the original 1983 12" version.
If you do find another click or pop (after many hours of removing them meticulously) consider it as my personal gift to you for the sake of nostalgia.

11 Dimples D - Sucker DJ’s (Suckapella) (Original 1983 Acappella) 3:44
Vinyl Transfer
Same story as above where it must be noted, the track is actually / practically mono, including the reverb used on the vocals. So if you wish you can use it mono to further cancel out any vinyl sounds. The choice is up to you, and nostalgia is included as a bonus (as is this whole 11th track)
CD 4

1 Dan Hartman - We Are the Young (Club Version) 6:54
Master Quality
From the electro era Dan Hartman brings us this crossover track causing people to spin on their heads.
2 Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life (Club Version) 8:22
Master Quality
Kurtis Mantronik was largely responsible for Joyce's first album featuring this track.
3 Flash & the Pan - Waiting For a Train (Extended Version) 7:18
Original Master from CBS/Sony Archive
Whilst compiling this edition I saw Guy Ritchie's RockNrolla, featuring Gerald Butler and Thandie Newton struttin' their stuff to....."Waiting for a Train". It boggles the mind how they came to pick this track, but it was fun to hear it again and therefor it's included in pristine master quality.
4 Miquel Brown - Close To Perfection (12” Version) 8:18
Original Master from Break Archive
Taken from the original production master for Break records, the full length 12". Recorded on Agfa tape at the time it needed more work and calibration, but turned out pretty good in the end.
5 Georgio - Bed Rock (Clubmix) 6:11
Master Quality
Actually pinched this bass line for my own production of "Give Me An Answer" Still sounds great.
6 Dolly Dots – Ps (12” Version) 6:53
Vinyl Transfer
Should have appeared on the previous edition but nobody had the master anymore. I came across a brand new American pressing on Atlantic Records. Sounded so smooth that a transfer was the solution for this one. Dolly Dots on a Ben Liebrand release, can you believe it?
7 Vin Zee - Funky Bebop (12” Version) 6:52
Original Master from Goody Music Archive
It took some time to decide if this one would be included. The track is great, but unfortunately the only remaining production master was somewhere in history transferred from a tape recorder with less than optimal azimuth settings. I manage to correct this for the largest part, but would recommend not using it in a mono setting.
8 Rebbie  Jackson - Centipede (Extended Version) 5:55
Master Quality
Produced by Michael Jackson, this is a daring production using odd rhythm programming but creating a beautifull atmosphere. Michael joins in for backing vocals. If anyone needs to hear what syncopated rhythm sound like, this is the one.
9. The Art of Noise - Close To the Edit (12” Edited Mix) 5:42
Original Master from ZTT Archive
Basically a remix of Beatbox, I was aiming for the Closely, Closely one, I found out that ZTT only licenses what was released commercially in the past. This unfortunately rules out many tracks which will remain hard to find. So, did I want this one instead? Hell Yeah! Having met Mr. Jeczalik in the 80's and having experienced art of Noise's music as "life-changing", any track is welcomed.
10 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Rage Hard (Young Person’s Guide To the 12” Mix) 10:05
Original Master from ZTT Archive
Last, but in no way least, the guide to a truly Grand 12 inch, brought to you by none other than Frankie.
These are the dreams that make the stuff that dreams are made of...
P.S. Yes, there is a SLAM BAM mix of this track, but it ws NOT available for licensing.