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CD 1 (More of my roots and favorites)

1. Telex – Moskow Diskow (English 12" version) 05:25
At the time when part 1 of Grand 12 Inches was released it was impossible to get this track, therefore I am so pleased to get it for Grand 12 Inches. It ranks way up there with Moroder and the best of sequencer based electronic dance music. What makes it even better is that the french version is also included as last track on this CD!!
2. Harry Thumann – Underwater (12" version) 06:01
It took some time but I finally got a hold of this track and "Baby Records", the original record company it came from. Underwater marks the absolute pinnacle in instrumental / orchestral dance music. It's drive is only equaled by it's excellent orchestral arrangement. It's rhythm and bass line are pumpng and when played in your car, will have you speeding in no time. Special Thanks to Freddy Naggiar for granting me this track.
3. Marin Circus - Disco Circus (full length version) 14:02
Another disco gem for true connoisseur. It proved however impossible to find the full length version. The best that could be found was a master of the first 7 minutes and a quite remarkable quality vinyl transfer. Should it be the better sounding short version or the 14 minute vinyl transfer. I decided on both giving you the first half from the master and the second half of the vinyl transfer carefully matched to the master.
If eventually the full master pops up somewhere, I am sure to find a way to get it to you in my effort to bring you the best possible (and impossible).
4. Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F (12" version) 07:12
The theme to Eddy Murphy's charismatic performance of Axel Foley in the series of "Beverly Hills Cop" feature films. A decant master of the Latin Rascals version could not be found.
5. C.O.D. – In The Bottle (12" version) 06:03
A well executed electro version of Gil Scott Heron's "In The Bottle by C.O.D. which features also the much used "Uno Dos Tres Quattro" intro. Great stuff and great sound!
6. Dazz Band – Let It All Blow 05:51
Why this track? First of all because of the great syncopated synth riffs and daring arrangement, the funky clean sound and because I never could find it on any compilation CD previously.
7. Dan Hartman – Vertigo / Relight My Fire (full length version) 11:59
It is true that this record is abused for anything and everything related to the 80's. Nevertheless it is one of the finest pieces of disco ever made. Why does it deserve to be here whilst it was on so many CD's before? Because this is the most complete version ever. The original 12" version featured the 6:52 vocal version and the B-side had the 4:34 Vertigo Intro running seamless into the 6:48 "progressive instrumental version". Somewhere mid 80's the vertigo intro was spliced to the vocal version, but now you get the full story starting of with "Vertigo", the full length drum break before "Relight my fire" , the full length vocal version and the full length drum outro at the end. And all of this mastered from the original analog tapes from the archives of Sony resulting in a whopping 11:59 seconds
8. Supermax – Love Machine (12" version) 08:38
This was so over the top at the time that it became cool again. It is a pain to mix as the tempo actually increases during the song from somewhere about 129 to a little over 132 BPM. Nevertheless great sound and master quality.
9. American Gypsy – I'm OK, You're OK (12" version) 05:24
It is incredible that this piece of American sounding disco was produced by the same guy who created the cheesy girl group "Luv" in Holland. His name is Hans van Hemert. I'd loved to include the full Disconet version, but there simply wasn't room enough to fit it on any of the CD's
10. Telex – Moskow Diskow (French 12"version) 07:28
As promised, also the french version of this great Belgian piece of electronic dance music.

CD 2 (The funky grooves)

1. Grandmasters Flash – The Message (12" version) 07:13
From the famous Sugarhill label a landmark piece in Rap and Hip hop
2. Blondie – Rapture (full length version) 10:02
Blondie's short love affair with the dance floors of the clubs resulted in this track that might of just as easy been a chic track. Brought to you in the longest version around.
3. Chemise – She Can't Love You (12" version) 05:04
80's disco in top form along the lines of Patrice rushen. Mellow tempo and groove work like magic. I always remembered the track being longer, but this seems to be the full running time.
4. Stephanie Mills– Medicine Song (12" version) 06:20
Don't you just love that groove!! Great tom fills and sequences bass line combined with a super vocal performance by miss Mills
5. Colonel Abrams – Trapped (12" version) 06:28
All time classic in 12" version. This track saw it's life-span greatly expanded by the very use full acappella version included on the 12". Unfortunately there was no space left to include it...:(
6. T-Connection – At Midnight (12"version) 09:42
In a time with drummers not keeping the rhythm to tight this was a relief with a rock solid groove probably made from a tape-loop and minutes of it before the song kicks in.
7. Latoya Jackson – If You Feel The Funk (12" version) 05:11
No idea how she did it and not a fan of the rest of her doings, but this is a great track and I DO feel the funk.
8. Mimai Sound Machine – Dr. Beat (12"version) 06:31
Taken from the original production master from the archives of Sony.
9 . Peter Brown– Love Is Just The Game (12"version) 07:00
Great track from Peter Brown. I did my homework listening to "Do you wanna get funky with me" from one of his earliest albums. Master quality form original Production master.
10. The Limit– Say Yeah (vocal + dub version) 10:34
Produced by two of my friends (and mentors) Bernard Oattes and Rob van Schaik and mixed by John Luongo (who also did "Relight my fire") this is the definite master to have. Not the radio version messed up by over-eager processing, but the original clean 12" mixes. A and B-side, both taken from the original analog masters. Simply brilliant!

CD 3 (The most beautiful pieces of dance music)

1. Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It (Francois K Mix) 08:58
You know the version with all those edits, well this is that same mix in it's original form without all the edits.
It is a true Grand 12 inch, more than a piece of great music. It is an adventure you embark on taking you through more than brilliant musical arrangements with many solos, ad-libs, vocal scats and resolving in Sharon's wonder full vocal performance.
It was mixed by Francois Kevorkian in a time when having a mix neatly and clearly visualized on a computer screen was still decades into the future.
It leaves me wondering how he did it. Francois, let me know....
2. David Joseph – You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (12"version) 06:41
Mixed by Larry Levan, a close friend to Francois K, this track sounds so great it's unbelievable. Great bass line, funky synth riffs and super drum outro.
3. Sharon Brown – Specialize In Love (12"version) 07:13
Listen to that percussion, the delay on the hand claps, those vocals, the solo. Listen and listen again.
4. Jean Carn – Was That All It Was (12"version) 06:31
One of my personal favorites ever! It was never a hit, but is always cherished by me and I felt a great urge to share this wonder full melancholic piece of dance music with you as this is also a part of what makes me tick. Brought to you in the complete 12" version taken from the original production masters which had to be baked in an oven for 10 hours at 55 degrees Celsius in order to become playable again. (Serve at room temperature)
5. Mtume – So You Wanna Be A star (12"version) 05:19
Everyone knows "Juicy Fruit", but this is probably one of the finest pieces of sophisticated soul full funkiness ever made. Real food for the soul.
6. Hugh Masakel – Don't Go Lose It Baby (12" version) 07:35
Raising the tempo and energy a little, here is the full 12" of the version I love spinning in the 80's
7. Mimai Sound Machine – Conga (12"version) 05:55
To my knowledge never before released in master quality, here is the full 12" version taken from the original production master from the archives of Sony.
8. Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone (12"version) 06:06
Manhattan Transfer affair with the dance floor opting for a solid groove but never loosing there sophisticated sound.
9. Donna Summer – Last Dance (full length version) 08:10
Still looking to get my hands on "Our Love", here is another track by the true Queen of Disco. Taken from the casblanca box in it's long version.
10. Santa Esmeralda – Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (full length version) 16:12
Taken from a great sounding unprocessed master made in the mid 80's, this is the full length version.

CD 4 (Pop + Alternative + More)

1. The Jacksons – Can You Feel It (Live version) 06:08
"Can Youuu Feeeel It!!!!" Yes, that's where Todd Terry has taken it from.
2. M – Popmuzik (12" version) 04:54
This is Pop music in the true meaning of the word. It was featured on a double groove 12" version and this is the full version ending with "Loud and clear clear clear". ZTT dug up the master copy for me and although it sounds a bit noisy in the beginning, it still is the best sounding version I cam across.
3. Paul Hardcastle – 19 (12" version) 05:14
Paul's biggest hit and rightfully so, here in the original English 12" version
4. MDMC – How About It (12" version) 07:24
Produced by Sander Bos and myself and a pretty experimental 12" it became. The track made it to no.1 in the dance charts in Europe and the version presented here is taken form my own master archive.
5. The BB&Q Band – On The Beat (original 12"version) 05:55
There is a longer remix, but I opted for the original version comparing many versions on CD to find the cleanest one.
6. Sunbelt– Spin It (12" version) 07:38
The first time ever for this to appear on CD. This was one of the tracks that found it's way to my dance floor on the famous Disconet DJ-only label.
7. Felix – Don't You Want Me (12" version) 05:54
A more recent "Grand 12 inch". Daring and with great dynamics in it's build-up
8. Yazoo – Don't Go (vocal + dub version) 08:25
Presented here in the Vocal + Dub Version. A great New-wave dance track from the 80's in master quality
9. Sheila E – Glamorous Life 06:34
(Sheila E.)
There is an ever longer album version, but this is the one that worked best on the dance floor.
10. Macho – I'm A Man (full length version) 17:34
Spinning this in the Keizer Karel Club in Nijmegen in the early 80's and mixing it to "Revanche" or "Easy Going's" "Fear". I found a shorter 11 minute master which was labeled being digital, but which sounded over- processed and was pumping into distortion. Frans vd Kamp came to me with a vinyl transfer which simply sounded better. Dilemma.... An over-eager mastering engineer probably ruined the only master version around, so this is the closest to conveying you the way it should sound, and to ease the pain of loss, in it's full 17:34 version.