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As seen below, I'll also try to include the source of the master, or at least give an indication of the master quality.

*Grand 12 Inches Exclusive,
A special version only appearing on this series, due to being never released before, restored to excellence or extended beyond all other versions available.

1 C.J. & Co. - Devil's Gun (Part 1 & Part 2)
It’s just amazing that I like Dennis Coffey’s Track - Gimme That Funk, as well as Mike Theodore Orchestra with tracks like High on Mad Mountain and C.J & Co turns out to be the collaborative work of Dennis Coffey & Mike Theodore! Combining the Orchestral with the Funkiness!
2 Ashford & Simpson - It Seems To Hang On (12" Disco Mix)
3 Brainstorm - Lovin' Is Really My Game (Full Length Version)
4 Chic - Your Love (Remasterd Version)
5 Bt Express - Express (Disco Mix)
6 The Jammers - Be Mine Tonight (Shep Pettibone Mix)
7 Voyage - Let's Fly Away (Album Version)
8 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Bad Luck (12" Version)
Voyage was a french group contributing to the beginnings of Disco featuring an english vocalist Silvia Mason-James. Silvia also provide backing vocals for many other artists like  Go West, Simple Minds, Adam Rickitt, Robbie Williams, Cher, Bo Selecta, Swing Out Sister, Sheena Easton, The Blow Monkeys , Pet Shop Boys and even Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. This is the title track of their 1978 album ‘Let’s Fly Away’
9 Raw Silk - Just In Time (Vocal)
10 Chilly - For Your Love (Extended Disco Version)

1 Kim Wilde - You Came (Shep Pettibone Mix)
2 Junior - Mama Used To Say (Club Mix)
3 Mai Tai - What Goes On (Special Dance Mix)
In one of Rutger ‘Rutti’ Kroese’s early remixes, produced by Fluitsma & van Tijn
4 La Toya Jackson - Hot Potato (12" Version)
5 Richenel - Dance Around The World (Powerhouse Mix)
Although Richenel made many other tracks, this is the one he’ll probably is remembered for. Produced by Dutch producers Fluistma & Van Tijn this solid track moved the dance floors all over Europe in 1986. The Snare in this mix was LOUD!. Managed to dial it back a bit to make the vocals come out clearer.
6 Karen Young - Hot For You (Extended Mix)
7 Evelyn “Champagne” King - Out Of Control (Remixed Version)
8 Bernard Wright - Haboglabotribin' (12" Enhanced Version)
Already sampled in over 30 other productions, "Haboglabotribin" gained additional  pop cult status due to it’s inclusion in Grand Theft Auto V. We are very happy to offer you the master of the extended version. A rare find in the tape archives indeed!
9 Alisha - All Night Passion (Club Mix)
Starting her career at 14, this was her first release produced by Mark Berry. Mark also assisted profusion on Poussez. The master presented here was the best sounding one amongst 26 different audio files. We were able to supply the record company with a master version as well as even they did not have a complete version anymore.
10 Jeff Lorber Ft. Audrey Wheeler - Step By Step (Extended Re-Mix)


1 Jan Hammer - Crockett’s Theme (Extended 12" Mix)
From the hit series Miami Vice, Jan Hammer brings us Crockett’s Theme. Would have loved to include the minimix as well but so many scriptwriters were involved that sorting it all out proved a legal nightmare. So back to the original!
2 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - War! (Hidden)
3 My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (Original 12" Version)
Produced in 1983 by Mauro Malavasi who was also co-responsible for Macho, Midnight Gang, Peter Jacques Band, B B & Q Band and even Change. Amazing how these connections in the background tie together ones taste in music.
4 Kano - Another Life (Original 12" Version)
5 Gaznevada - I.C. Love Affair (Italian Version)
6 Hypnosis - Pulstar (Disco Mix)
7 Act - Absolutely Immune (12" Version)
8 Harry Thumann - Andromeda (Album Version)
Known for his epic track Underwater, this is the title track is form a later album form 1983, Andromeda. Harry Thurman, a German electronic Composer was know to build his own synthesizer set-ups and contributed to the development of the SSL4000 mixing consoles. He passed away in 2001
9 Cube - Concert Boy (Disco Mix 12")
10 Koto - Visitors (12" Version)
KOTO was an Italian synth group of arranger Anfrando Maiola and producer Stefano Cundari, they benefited of the popularity on Italo in The Netherlands which made a break through with Bel Liebrand’s remix of Fun Fun’s Happy Station and the efforts of High Fashion Music in that genre. It contains a sample of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the ‘laugh’ of Vincent Price

1 Club House - Do It Again/Billie Jean (Extended Version)
When Mash-ups were still a thing of the future Club House came up with this clever combination of Steely Dan’s Do It Again and Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean
2 Cameo - She’s Strange (12" Full-Length Lp Mix)
3 Mtume - Prime Time (Vocal 12" Version)
Founded by percussionist James Mtume, the band also include Reggie Lucas (who wrote for artists like Stephanie Mills and even Madonna) and Tawatha Agee (who also sang with Stephanie Mills, Carly Simon, Philip Bailey, Script Politti, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton and many more). Their biggest hit being Juicy Fruit, this track also oozes that sam good taste and quality.
4 Central Line - Nature Boy (Full Version - Uk Mix)
5 Kleeer - Never Cry Again (Vocal / Remixed Long Version)
6 Light Of The World - London Town ('85)
7 Spence - Funk Directory
Produced by Spence, Dutch name Henk Braaf. This is a rare occasion where it took a production made decades ago, inspired by Herbie Hancock’s Rock-it.
Finishing touches made recently and my friendship re-kindled at a chance meeting with Spence at Jamm FM. You might have read the story of Gino Soccio turning his back on music after a very disappointing experience with A&R people. Same thing with Spence being left to the whims of an A&R guy with no heart for funk. It is such a waste of creativity when talent leaves this industry due to such life altering mess-ups by people in management positions lacking the management skills. So welcome back Spence! Everyone, enjoy some true jazzy funkiness!
8 Emile Den Tex - Face To Face (Ben Liebrand Special Remix)
Dutch writer, arranger and vocalist Emile Den Tex was clearly influenced by David Bowie’s Fame. In return there are reports that Bowie thoroughly enjoyed this track. Produced by Willem Ennes, also responsible for Spence - Get It On. Here presented in the Ben Liebrand 12” edit
9 Gino Soccio - Turn It Around (12" Single Version)
The early 80’s were tough on Disco in North America and Canada based Dance artist Gino Soccio suddenly found himself without a market for his passion. Disco was declared dead and the disillusion was so complete for Gino that he simply turned his back on music. In the very rare interviews he has given ever since he has bitter memories of those final days and refuses any glance into his private life. I would love to meet him and thank him for his pioneering work in Dance Music. If only Gino Soccio had lived in Europe, he would have never stopped making music. I wish I could Turn It Around.
10 Gene Page - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Long Version)
This brings me right back to the beaches of Spain! Dancing in a club in Puerto de la Selva. Speakers driven by banks of Macintosh amps! And finding this gem in a local shop. Gene’s sound can be heard in the arrangements he did for Jefferson Starship, The Righteous Brothers, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Barbra Streisand, Donna Loren, Martha and the Vandellas, Cher, Barry White, The Love Unlimited Orchestra, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, George Benson, The Jackson Five, Roberta Flack, Elton John, Leo Sayer, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Frankie Valli and Lionel Richie. The intro announcement I used for my Dance Classics Mix on Arcade. Here it is in pristine master quality!