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CD1 (The absolute roots of Ben Liebrand)

1 - Donna Summer - I feel love 8:13 (original 12" version)
This is the track with which it all began. Waking up one morning in the late 70's when a radio-DJ daringly played the B-side of a single. This B-side was 'I feel love' and sent me chasing into town to get it. Probably the first sequencer based disco/trance track ever, 'I feel love' still remains a gem.
2 - Giorgio Moroder - Chase 8:24 (original 12" version)
Standing at the counter at Champs disques in Paris I spotted the name Moroder, the man behind 'Donna Summers' 'I feel love' with a sound track to the movie 'Midnight express'. Stereo sequencers, reverse percussion and wide open breaks make this track one of the earliest trance records ever. The sequencer sound firmly sets the path for me to follow and whilst the rest of the world was still in a saturday night fever, I treated my audience to firm beats and hypnotic sequencers.
3 - Lipps Inc. - Funky Town 7:46 (original 12" version)
All the ingredients where there: sequencers, percussion and the vocoder providing the robot voices. The original 12" version oddly started on the second beat. This version also has the very first beat restored.
4 - Cerrone - Supernature 10:54 (full length album version)
After Love in C-minor which already was daring, Cerrone surprised everyone with one of the first examples of euro-disco. A strong sequencer-driven track with a dark theme and multiple breaks made this 9 minute plus track an ideal candidate for my record bag. This version restores the full drum intro and is topped of by an even longer drum outro than al previous released versions.
5 - Patrick Cowley - Menergy 8:47 (original 12" version)
After stories of a never released Moroder/Summer sequencer based album, I was glad to hear that Patrick Cowley picked up where Moroder unfortunately did not continue. Finding this track on the weekly hunt for new vinyl in Amsterdam truly made my day.
6 - Gino Soccio - Dancer 8:29 (original 12" version)
Gatto Giallo was a small disco at the Garda Lake in Italy. The DJ introduced me to Gino Soccio, Peter Jaques Band and a whole load of up tempo tracks that I took home and played in Holland when everybody was still 'Staying Alive' and having a 'Night fever'. It was probably the atmosphere of vacation in the Nijmegen based KK-Club that contributed to accepting what was played in this small Club in Nijmegen. The KK-Club set the standard and even drew audiences from Amsterdam. Manfred Langer stated in the history of the world famous club 'The It' in Amsterdam, that it was the atmosphere and the audience driven by Ben Liebrand at the turntables in the KK-Club, which set the style and standard for the It to follow.
7 - Sylvester - You make me feel (mighty real) 6:30 (original 12" version)
This up tempo sequencer track started of as a track for a select audience and eventually became a classic. Somehow this track is much more 'sincere' than the later 'Do you wanna funk'.
8 - Gonzalez - Haven't stopped dancing yet 7:59 (original 12" version)
Disco in it's purest form with great percussion and a break that sends chills down your spine.
9 - Kat Mandu - The Break 8:40 (original 12" version)
The break has been my closing track of the night for the entire period I was spinning in disco 'The Kwien' in Gennep Holland. It was a disco in 1978 built in a former movie theater along the lines of the famous studio 54. It had the laser, neon in the ceiling, a video clip system using Sony U-matic and a series of Barco video monitors along the dance floor and throughout the venue. This is where I learned to mix on 2 Dual turntables. It was DJ Huib Luiten who introduced me to beat-mixing and it was a revelation. In a time when DJ's where blabbering away on their microphone, this was something new and offered a perfect way to introduce the audience to new tracks simply by mixing from a well known floor-filler to a new track nobody ever heard before. The break brings back memories of a time you only needed good music to achieve ecstasy.

CD2 (The relaxed and groovy tracks)

1 - Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't stop the music 7:35 (original 12" version)
A classic, which bridge section was recently used as a chorus for an R&B track. Kick back and enjoy the funky bass-line.
2 - Chic - Good times 8:00 (original 12" version)
The mother of all rap tracks. Why, because it's unprecedented long and steady break provided a whole community of rappers with those instrumental beats to perform their rap on. A brilliant track by producer duo Niles Rodgers & Bernard Edwards . A true classic and one of the most important tracks in dance music. Later it was the Sugarhill gang who managed to take it from the street to the record company and back on the dance floor with their 'Rappers Delight'.
3 - Patrice Rushen - Forget me nots 4:42 (original 12" version)
Beautiful sounds, perfect song, steady rhythm and a clean break for an easy mix. What more does a DJ want.
4 - Change - Lover's holiday 6:16 (full length album version)
This was one of those album I took back from Italy, 'A lover's holiday' was the hit, but I played just about every track to the dance floor in the KK-Club. I truly recommend it as it features songs like 'Searching' and 'In the glow of love' with Luther vandross on vocals. (This track was used in a recent Janet Jackson hit).
5 - Oliver Cheatham - Get down saturday night 6:51 (original 12" version)
Long before 'Room 5' version, everybody knew how to get down on a Saturday night. The funky guitar riff and open breaks provided many possibilities to mixing it with a truckload of other songs.
6 - Kool & the Gang - Fresh 5:50 (12" remix)
Another song which lasted due to it's long and easy to mix intro, and even longer and easier to mix-out break. And history has proven that the song itself wasn't bad either. This is that special and rare 12" version.
7 - Michael Zager Band - Let's all chant 6:50 (original 12" version)
There are many versions and remixes out there (with a very nasty sounding drum computer stuck under it), but this is the original 12" version, featuring the original drums, claps and percussion.
8 - Rick James - Super Freak 7:06 (original 12" version)
A side step to the funky side with Rick James. Another track which reached even more people when it was used by MC Hammer as a groove for 'Can't touch this'. This version finally has the bottom-end I missed for so many years. It no longer sounds as somebody accidentally pushed the low-kill-switch.
9 - Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight 14:36 (full length version)
The first rap track that made it from the streets into the charts. On the original multi track they re-recorded the vocal part of De-Luxe 'Here comes that sound' which was planned to sit over the percussion intro (Here, here comes that sound, here comes that sound, again and again, again and again, again and again) These vocals where never used due to copyright problems. The sugarhill gang did not obtain permission to make this cover version. Therefore Niles Rodgers & Bernard Edwards rightfully claimed the whole copyright in the song and probably to avoid further copyright problems, the Love De-Luxe bit was left out. Although Wondermike and his rap homies had written all the lyrics, they lost their share due to this copyright infringement to Niles Rodgers & Bernard Edwards . Despite these behind the scene problems, 'Rappers Delight' opened the doors to rap all over the world.
10- Indeep - Last night a DJ saved my life (original 12" version)
A classic and a tribute to the DJ's. The 12" version with all it's extras and the acappella made this a track which stayed on the turntables for a long long time. Even in 2003 there was a remake based on it due to the fame it gathered over the years.
11- Indeep - Last night a DJ saved my life (acappella)
Featuring the world famous words: There's not a problem that I can't fix, cos' I can do it in the mix. Although running time for these CD's unfortunately made it impossible to include even more acappellas, this is one I just needed to share with you. Taken from good quality masters from Unidisc, this version can now replace all vinyl ripped versions in your collection.

CD 3 (The funky grooves and more)

1 - D'Train - You're the one for me 7:16 (special dub/vocal edit)
This version combines the beautiful dub intro and breaks with the splendid vocal version, much in a way I mixed 2 copies of this record live in DJ-sets at the time. Special thanks to Unidisc for digging up this very very rare master of the dub version.
2 - Sharon Redd - Beat the street 7:20 (special dub/vocal edit)
Same story as above: This version also combines the beautiful dub intro with 16th bass drum in a style later also used by New Order, and the splendid vocals and dub vocal parts. Again special thanks to Unidisc for digging up this very very rare master of the dub version.
3 - Carol Jiani - Hit 'n run lover 8:14 (original 12" version)
It took some time to find the right master, but here it is featuring the full 8 bars of cowbells before the bass drum kicks in.
4 - Jacksons - Shake your body (down to the ground) 8:36 (12" remix)
Release shortly after the original version this re-recording appeared in 1979 featuring a higher tempo, new percussion and great additional sound effects. If you already have the original, this is the one that really takes of.
5 - Shannon - Let the music play 5:46 (original 12" version)
Comparing as much as 4 different masters, this one is the one that sounded best. There is a small edge of distortion in the intro, but apart of a vinyl copy which lacked dynamics, they unfortunately all had that edge of distortion.
6 - Freez - IOU 8:42 (original 12" version)
The first track that used vocal sampling to this extent. Produced by Arthur Baker, it is hard to believe that 'Southern Freeze' was a track by the same group. (Or wasn't it..) This track combines electro with pop and the version featured here is the full length 12" master
7 - Class Action - Weekend 8:25 (original 12" version)
Larry Levan Remix
There is an even older recording by 'Phreek' which is also pretty good, but it was the groove in this version by Class Action that made it stand out. Many believe this track to be Todd Terry's track, but he did a remix/remake and this really is the original. Probably due to an edit gone wrong, the original 12" missed 2 bars in the intro right after the piano kicked in. These 2 bars have now been restored.
8 - Moses - We just 6:27 (original 12" version)
One of the better Italo tracks featuring excellent sampled horn riffs and relying on only 2 sampled words for vocals. (I wonder where they where sampled from...)
9 - Donna Summer - I feel love 15:57 (Patrick cowley remix)
Patrick cowley took a vinyl copy of Donna Summer's 'I feel love' and went to work on it making this monumental remix which was featured on Disconet (A DJ subscription based club in the late 70's and early 80's releasing special remixes every month). As mentioned before, this master originates from vinyl and therefore lacks the clear sound of the original. This is the reason why both version are included in this box.

CD4 (Recent classics and alternative dance)

1 - Ce Ce Peniston - Finally 7:02 (12"choice mix)
One of the more recent classics, pretty difficult to find in this full length version with beautiful low end and complete break.
2 - Technotronic - Pump up the Jam 5:21 (Vocal 12" version)
A party classic which inspired me to make an additional version of eve of the war as featured on Styles XL
3 - Robin S - Luv 4 Luv 6:05 (original 12" version)
The second hit featuring Stonebridge's distinctive sound
4 - Robin S - Show me love 8:49 (original 12" version)
One of Stonebridge's first and most successful remixes. Due to a rush-release at the time, all versions in Holland (even the CD-maxi) where vinyl copies. For this compilation I contacted Stonebridge directly and he was kind enough to send me a CDR straight from the original DAT master. So probably for the first time in Holland, 'Show me Love' as it was meant to sound.
5 - Snap - Rhythm is a dancer 5:11 (12" mix)
There are several versions of this track, but this is the one with the synth intro and female vocals only. Great track to combine with the next track:
6 - Kristine W - Feel what you want 5:30 (Our Tribe Vocal 12" mix)
Daring club track by Rollo stretching the point where the drums kick, using practically the whole song to build up to the climax. Great stuff!!
7 - 2 Unlimited - Get ready for this 5:54 (original 12" version)
Long before it became a commercial machine this new release by the unknown group '2 unlimited' found a place in my record box after I wrote 'Great Intro' on the cover. The rest is history..
8 - Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax 7:24 (original New York 12"mix)
What do you get when a great producer produces a track by a totally crazy bunch of guys and leave the majority of recordings to Anne Dudley to make the final mix down. A sonic trip with a song buildup that is so hard to follow that it becomes an adventure each time you play it.
9 - New Order - Blue Monday 7:28 (complete original 12" version)
New Order decided to release this track as a 12" only and simply refused to make a radio edit. This version runs the full length of the original 12" and sounds crisp-clear. It represents a very credible but also successful blend between alternative and sequencer dance music.
10- Yazoo - Situation 9:05 (special dub/vocal edit)
Starting of with the easy to mix dub-version with the famous laugh-break, the track finally crosses over to the vocal 12" version.
11- Art of Noise - Moments in love
A true masterpiece. By the way, I also did a remix of Paranoimia and was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Jeczalik in the Art of Noise Studio in England. Anne Dudley and J.J.Jeczalik are truly the masters of sampling and painting with sound. Respect!