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Our Unique Service

We offer a unique service to all our customers buying at this website.
Buy all your Grand 12 Inches editions with us and you will receive a better master once we have come across one.

Why we introduced this service !

Times are tough and you can only spend your money once. So which compilation should you buy? We have proven that we take the greatest care to provide you the best masters and still it happens that after a CD has been carefully compiled, pressed and released, a better master pops up after all.
Normally that would mean that you are buggered as a customer.
Not with us. Buy from our shop a Grand 12 Inches edition once, and if a better master pops up, you'll get that one too.

But what if you have bought some or all of your copies elsewhere?

That's where this program kicks in. For a one time fee of 20 Euros, you'll be added to the list of recipients of all these upgrades.

Who can join in?

All those who have the complete series as it just is too time consuming to to keep track of dozens of different subscription variations. You also have to prove that you have the complete series by sending in a picture of your CD (let's make it a nice nerdy one taken on or around your audio equipment).

If you do not want to buy the complete series, just buy the copies you want, but buy them at our shop !
Every edition sold here is registered in our system and gets the free upgrades.

Why do we need a photo of your Grand 12 Inches collection?

It has all to do with copyrights! If you can show us you have officially purchased all editions, then the copyright side of things is taken care of. After all, you are only receiving a better version of music you already paid for.

How to join ?

Click the yellow Paypal "Buy Now" button above and if you have not done so already, send me a cool nerdy picture of the entire series on your sound system.
Picture does not need to be more than about 1000 pixels wide or high or bigger than 500kb

What can I expect as upgrades ?

I am going through each edition one at a time. Below you can already see what is to be expected with regards to these upgrades.

You are always welcome to mail me with your questions, but first check if your question might already be answered here.

I don't want to buy the entire series, what can I do?

Just buy the copies you want, but buy them at our shop !
Every edition sold here gets the free upgrades. after all we know what you have bought, so no need for a full collection photo as proof.

Why does it cost 20 euros to join?

As happy as we are that you got what you were looking for elsewhere, we actually get our income from this series just about only from copies sold in our shop.
So although it might have seemed a great idea to save a few bucks by buying elsewhere, it is Ben who actually puts the many weeks of work in this series.
By supporting us with your contribution he can continue making future copies of Grand 12 Inches.
We are grateful to all who do buy with us, therefore, the free upgrades to all our loyal customers. By joining the program you have the convenience of buying elsewhere whilst you still directly support us to keep this series alive.

Is there a partial program less than 20 euros?

I'm afraid not as it just is too time consuming to keep track of dozens of different subscription variations. If you just want a particular copy, just buy that copy at our shop !
Because every edition sold here gets the free upgrades. After all we know what you have bought, so no need for a full collection photo as proof.

What audio format are these better masters?

Uncompressed wav 44.1KHz 16bit. The same quality that is used for CD.

Does this also cover other releases like the Grandmixes?

Nope, this is just for the Grand 12 Inches series.

We are a record company that has contributed to this series and ask ourselves if this is all OK?

People wanting to join in have to prove first that they officially bought the series. So they already have paid for these particular tracks. The only thing they are receiving is that better version of what they actually should have gotten in the first place. In a time where people are still willing to pay for content, we feel they should get the best quality possible.
Even better, contact us directly to also receive a better version than the one you have in your archive up till now.

Some of the customer pictures we already received.